gamma 0.1.1 (release date: 2019-06-06)

New classes and methods

  • The functions getDoseRate() and getDoseRate<- allow to extract and replace the gamma dose rate in GammaSpectrum objects.
  • The function smooth() allows to smooth a spectrum.
  • integrateSignal() gained several methods.
  • fit() gained a method for the GammaSpectra,GammaSpectrum signature.

Bugfixes & changes

  • The BDX1 curve was slightly corrected (see help(BDX1) for details).
  • The DoseRate class was removed.
  • The slot peak of the PeakPosition class is now of class matrix.
  • The slot count of the GammaSpectrum class is now of class integer.


  • Use vapply() instead of sapply().
  • Use seq_len() instead of 1:....
  • The fitPeak() method no longer stops as soon as an error is raised: problematic cases are skipped and errors are returned as warnings.


  • The AIX1 dataset contains the CEREGE calibration curve for dose rate estimation.
  • The GammaSpectrum class gained a new slot to store the gamma dose rate.

gamma 0.1.0 (release date: 2019-04-26)

  • First release